It has been a challenging time for all traditional industries in Taiwan, and the stone industry is definitely not an exception. Facing such menace, EVERLEE knows deeply that there will be no future without continuously improving and innovating. Therefore, we have undergone some serious changes in managing strategies, data management, quality control and so forth since year 2016. The following are just a few things that we are particularly proud of:

Adopting the 5S Managing Method

        5S managing, originating from Japan, is a methodology for organizing and optimizing a working environment. Its main spirits can be summarized into 5 Japanese words which begin with "S" in their romanization (hence the name), which are Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu & Shitsuke. "Seiri" means to sort every objects in the work place into either "useful" or "useless" categories. The useful objects should be better organized while the useless ones should be dropped immediately. "Seiton" is to cut off the waste of time for finding tools by putting them in fixed and easy-to-reach locations respectively. "Seisou" is to remove all obstacles from the workplace and embellish the environment. It not only helps delighting the mood but also allows one to spot potential problems of the workplace with one glance. Finally, "Seiketsu" and "Shitsuke" means to cultivate the staff so that not only the effects of Seiri, Seiton and Seisou can be kept but also the culture of the enterprise can be sublimated.

        To implement 5S managing, EVERLEE adopts the following three measures. First, the factory is cleaned once a week to keep everything in its cleanest state. Second, all the tools and equipment are placed in designated positions so that users always know where to find them. Third, frequently holding inner trainings for our staff to polish their spirit and expertise.


        Computerization is ever so common for business and our private life today. For traditional industries, however,  the concept is surprisingly not so widely implemented. Before year 2016, EVERLEE still kept a great amount of information on real papers, making these data very hard to be organized and analyzed. But now, not only have computer-based data become a necessary part for our operation, but they can be easily shared between departments through a network attached storage (NAS) system we set up.

        After created our own brand in 2017, EVERLEE started to develop the online services. In 2018, we launched our first website for introducing ourselves and our products to the general public. We sincerely hope that in the future, our online services can be more complete, allowing us to provide the ultimate convenience to our customers!

Online Quality Control

        Ensuring the quality of every product made is one of the most important issues for every manufacturers, and it cannot be done without a rigorous quality control (QC) system and constant introspection. To make sure that all of our products are at their finest qualities, EVERLEE established a sophisticated online QC procedure that incorporates three phases.

        It all starts at the moment when we receive the slabs about to be processed from our customers. The head of our QC team will at this point inspect the slabs in detail and point out all the defects that may affect the manufacturing process; the slabs that are too deficient to be processed will be rejected at this stage. And after the slabs are taken in, all the workers are asked to take responsibility of quality checking, and the procedure will not progress to the next step if any blemish is found. Finally, before the finished products being delivered to our customers, our QC team will carefully check everything one last time to make certain that our promises on quality are undeniably solid.

        Besides our QC system, EVERLEE periodically holds quality introspection meetings to investigate the potential reasons of made mistakes and possible ways to avoid them. Through these strategies, we continually improve our techniques on stone processing, so that better services can be provided to every customers of ours.

Core Values