The Story of EVERLEE

        EVERLEE has been founded more than 19 years. However, our connection with natural stone has even more profound roots...

        Stones have taken part in the life of Lee's family since 1973. Including the business of stone-made craftworks run by the first generation, the primary processing by the second generation and the secondary processing by the third, we have accumulated nearly 40-year experiences on stone processing. Yet, we feel that what we have are far lesser than enough.

        In 2016, the awareness of the changing time prompted us strongly to seek the opportunities for transformation and improvement. Thus, with the help from a professional consultant, we adopted many state-of-the-art technologies, such as the 3D CAD software (SolidWorks) etc., and started to cultivate related personnel. In 2017, EVERLEE registered two brands in Taiwan, European Union and the mainland China, becoming one of the few stone enterprises that has our own brands. All of these are clear evidence indicating that EVERLEE is a company with an international view and constantly moves forward with time.

        In the future, not only will EVERLEE continue to develop in the field of stone business, implementing the four missions of ours: eco, beauty, cultivation and creativity, we should also search for new chances from wider directions, bringing more possibilities to stones!